Finding Balance For the First Time

Marlys, 47
Marlys, 47

It all began with the words nobody wants to hear their doctor say: You are borderline diabetic. Yet that’s exactly the diagnosis Marlys received during a routine physical in May 2016. Her weight had begun spiraling out of control a few years earlier, as she put her career and family first.

“I called Dawn to hear her encouragement to put myself first,” she says. “To know it was OK to take care of my health and then my family. Without me being healthy for them, it was hurting them more.”

Part of Marlys’ transformation included making the decision to change direction in her career — seeking a position with better work/life balance. And that change was exactly what she needed in order for everything else fall into place.

“Dawn is amazing,” she says. “From her encouraging words and ability to listen, to the way she allows you to talk aloud — you almost don’t realize it’s you that’s making the decision for yourself! She’s also incredibly relatable, understanding the emotional stress of putting others first.”

Today, Marlys has lost 45 pounds, her career direction is clear, and she’s using her newfound confidence to build better work relationships.

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