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Many people ask me how I lost 115 pounds and transformed my life. I always start by telling them this: There is no magic pill. It was all about finally deciding that I wanted to feel good in my own skin. And now my passion is to help others — just like you — on their weight-loss journeys, too.

Dawn Bartolini

Coaching motivated women through their weight-loss journeys by providing emotional support and guidance on living a healthy lifestyle.

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I know what it’s like to feel hopeless about my health, to be trapped in a body that doesn’t look or feel like it belongs to me, and to struggle with temptation and failure. For years, I refused to bring a full-length mirror into my home because I didn’t want to face my reflection or the years of neglect I’d subjected myself to.

You see, I was always too busy taking care of my children, the house, and the restaurant business my husband and I built — I made everything else a priority and pushed myself to the bottom of my own to-do list. My life was in a downward spiral, but I didn’t have the right mindset or the tools to make a positive change.

Then, one cold day in January 2013, I was on social media and noticed a photo my son had taken of me while sitting on a chair awaiting parent-teach conferences. I was mortified — I never let anyone see pictures of anything but my face and now the whole world could see this photo! Completely embarrassed by my size and my weight, I knew right then and there that I had to make a transformation. In hindsight, it was the most pivotal moment in my life.

I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go for help, but I knew I had to make an immediate change. I had already tried so many fad diets and programs over the years, and the yo-yoing with no long-lasting results was exhausting. I was constantly failing and starting over again, losing confidence in my ability to stick with anything or succeed.

I recalled a recommendation from a life coach who urged her clients to write down their goals — and so I began my journey there, with a daily journal routine. It was through journaling that I found myself making a commitment to real goals, intentions and a quest to become the best version of me. I transformed my eating habits, joined a gym, and 18 months later I’d lost 100 pounds!

Invigorated by my own success, I left the restaurant business to my husband and decided to become a weight-loss coach. Now, my passion meets my purpose: I get to help others transform their lives through consultations and coaching on everything from nutrition and exercise to the power of positive thinking. I know how lost I initially felt when I finally made up my mind to make a change — it’s hard to know where to begin. So it brings me great joy to be a resource for motivated individuals — together, we can accomplish anything!

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