Real Results

Are you done with fad diets, feeling hopeless and making excuses? Are you ready for guidance and accountability toward achieving your wellness goals? As a lifestyle coach, I help women just like you every day. Once you make the decision to embark on a journey toward better health, know that I’ll be right by your side — to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and a high five as you slay your demons. Check out what some of my clients have said about their own transformations below — as you can see, I love helping them access a strength and drive they never knew they had:

Elizabeth, 25

“If it wasn't for Dawn, I truly don't know where my life would be right now. Because of her guidance, I achieved my dream body, my dream job, and I'm in such a good place. I was able to start the process on my own, but Dawn was, no doubt, the person who helped me achieve my goals!”

Marlys, 47

“From Dawn's encouraging words and ability to listen, to the way she allows you to talk aloud — you almost don’t realize it’s you that’s making the decision for yourself! She’s also incredibly relatable, understanding the emotional stress of putting others first.”

Vaea, 50

“Dawn really has walked the talk! She has been overweight, gone through loss, and continues to move forward. She gets it and will always encourage you.”

Karen, 54

“I call Dawn my Guru because she is exactly that. I am blessed to have her in my world traveling on the road with me assisting me in reaching my personal goals. I am confident that I could not have gotten this far without her help. 110 down, 110 to go! Dawn will be with me down to the last pound.”

Becky, 51

“Dawn is such a great motivator, physically and emotionally. She is a genuine person who has experienced weight loss, and a great coach who will listen to what your needs are, and help you figure out what is best for you at this time in your life.”