A New Lease on Life

Karen, 54
Karen, 54

From morbid obesity and vitamin deficiencies to body aches, fatigue and stress, Karen was running out of time. “I felt I had no chance at surviving much longer in the physical state my body was in,” she says. “I chose to hire Dawn because she had been in my predicament and she was living proof change was possible. She had traveled the path herself and she could show me the way.”

With Dawn’s guidance, Karen embraced a nutritional regimen of healthy foods and incorporated physical activities into her routine. “It’s been the most valuable collaboration I’ve ever entered into,” she says. “Dawn is knowledgeable, energetic, motivational and she invests herself 100%. She is always guiding me and keeping me on track.”

To date, Karen has lost 110 pounds and 120 inches — and the changes don’t stop there. “I feel fantastic, like I received a new lease on life,” she says. “I can move my body now, participate in life, I sleep better, I think faster, I’m more decisive and confident, and I manage stress much more effectively now. I am happier than I have ever been!”

Karen has set her sights on doubling her weight loss, and knows that Dawn will be there for her, right down the last pound.

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