Making Herself a Priority


Elizabeth, 25

In 2017, Elizabeth faced her most difficult year yet — graduate school classes were challenging, her uncle unexpectedly passed away in February, and her aunt lost her breast cancer battle in September. She bravely took on the role of “family therapist” for her grieving mother, aunts and cousins, while simultaneously putting herself last on her list of priorities. Soon, Elizabeth began to rely on food for comfort, and quickly succumbed to a downward spiral. But it wasn’t until she saw the photos of herself from her best friend’s wedding that she realized she needed to make some major changes.

“I was so disappointed in my appearance,” says Elizabeth. “You could tell my confidence was low and I did not love the way my body looked. I felt so defeated.”

Vowing to put herself first, she committed to a new diet and exercise routine — including more protein, healthier meals and kickboxing classes. Though she made a lot of progress, Elizabeth knew she wanted to set more goals and see more positive changes in her life.

“When I realized I wanted to push myself further, that's when Dawn came into my life,” she says. “It was as if the stars truly aligned. Working with Dawn was like a breath of fresh air! I didn't realize that a single person could change my thinking, my outlook on life, and my personality. She enhanced all of the great qualities about myself and helped me develop all of the areas in my life that needed more support. She became a positive influence in my life, and I always looked forward to our meetings because there was no doubt I'd leave a new person with a different thought process.”

Elizabeth credits Dawn to helping her identify the little things that were impacting her happiness and shift any negative thoughts to positive ones. She also noticed increased mental clarity, her anxiety and depression melted away, and a slimmer physique with stronger muscles and a healthier glow emerged.

“I definitely felt a huge change in my confidence,” she says. “The wall I was building was coming down and I was full of life. Now, I have every bit of confidence to wear whatever I want, do whatever I want, and be the person I’ve always wanted to be. Dawn helped me become a much happier and overall healthier version of myself.”

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