Regaining Her Youth

Becky, 51
Becky, 51

There’s a reason why flight attendants instruct you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others — you simply cannot help anyone else unless you’ve taken care of your own basic needs first. For Becky, that meant ensuring she lived long enough to be the primary caregiver for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. However, Becky’s unhealthy weight meant she might not be around long enough to take on that important role.

“I have tried many different programs and the results from Dawn’s program are amazing — they work, without all the gimmicks,” she says. “It was a lifestyle change and I am seeing results.”

Becky especially appreciated how Dawn was able to accommodate her schedule, and didn’t force any changes that seemed too far out of reach.

“First, she’ll get you on a healthy eating pattern, then have you work out to the ability you are able too,” she says. “Keep moving forward, your body will change. Everyone has a starting point. And my body has changed, and is still changing.”

Today, Becky is thrilled by her increased mental clarity and the fact that she’s wearing smaller sizes of clothing. “I feel like I am my 30-year-old self again,” she says. “Emotionally, that is a plus and when you walk around feeling good about yourself your behavior changes and you chose the right food to put in your body so you can keep getting better results.”

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