2019 Let Your Light Shine, Woman of Impact Award Recipient, Tammy Lillie

Tammy Lillie began walking her neighborhood with a friend and found herself inspired by the 10,000 steps-a-day challenge on her neighbors Fitbit in July of 2015. Since then, Tammy has lost over 150 pounds in her pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle, has a new perspective on life, and continues to positively impact friends and neighbors by doing various good deeds throughout her town/community.

This woman truly embodies servant leadership, and she’s a very dedicated wife and mother. Tammy can be found helping to mow a neighbors lawn every week while they’re in rehab, starting a new community social media page for good, dog sitting, watching a neighbors kids for a doctors appointment, to collecting $700 in donations for holiday decorations to coordinate the town’s Christmas tree lighting – Tammy Lillie has done it all.

Ms. Lillie has even taken it one-step further and pushed the boundaries by coordinating a small team & local businesses to organize, “The Biggest Loser” weight loss event for her hometown & mentoring over 80 participants. She’s also received thousands of dollars in donations to incentivize participants to lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle (at this time the group has collectively lost 430 pounds).

She’s also a very kind individual who really strives to make others feel amazing and supports them with her time, treasure, and talent. She says that if it wasn’t for Nan Elder sharing her @Fitbit with her, she would’ve never taken her first step, and she’s forever grateful to Nancy.

Tammy is definitely Letting Her Light Shine through everybody who talks to her and meets her. She is someone you definitely want to follow as her journey continues to inspire not only her community, but the masses all over the Midwest.

Together with our event partners, Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, Thrivent Financial, SO Creative, and Edward Jones, we are thrilled to announce, Tammy Lillie as the 2019 Let Your Light Shine, Woman of Impact recipient!